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 Post subject: somender singh, anyone going to try it?
PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 1:18 pm 
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i have been reading a lot about this theory that was first introduced to me on turbobricks under the forum section, performance and suspension, or go to http://www.somender-singh.com to research it. i belive its the most talked about thing on there, last i looked there were about 528 posts on it!!!

i was just wondering if anyone on here has tried it and with what results, or if anyone plans on doing it. i for one am definately goint to do it, just whenever i get around to it i will post stuff on it, but it will be quite a while from now. i am also going to try it on a few of my friends n/a non volvo cars to see what results can be made there too(mainly gas mileage).

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 8:01 pm 
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The main improvements in gas mileage and power etc, come from using a programmable electronic fuel injection, as you can lean the car out so much more at low load and idle situations. Due to the increased driveability at low rpm, you can also stay in a higher gear longer which also increases gas mileage. In a turbo application you can run more ignition timing and boost without the onset of detonation, giving you more power you would've been able to safely run before the grooves.

Before you do it, make sure you post how you're going to do it to make sure it's optimal, or as optimal as we can guesstimate.

We did Sethfc's head while it was off, but I would've done them differently if I wasn't put on the spot and had some time to read further right before I did it. His car isn't running yet, so we can't comment on performance or changes or anything. It's going in a completely different car/setup, so there won't be any direct comparisons.

Slobodan on here has actually done it, although without any finesse, and with grooves that are a bit too wide, and who knows what. I think he may have posted about it in here before...?

I'll very likely be doing it, if I can get my hands on another head. But the day when I get around to it will not be for a good while.

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